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How was Your Thanksgiving?

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Should be on Payroll
Should be on Payroll
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How was Your Thanksgiving?

Post by felinefan » Sat Nov 25, 2017 4:54 pm

Breakfast on T-Day was provided by the OC Lowriders Association. (In case anyone is unaware, I'm currently in a homeless shelter.) We had what was more like dinner than breakfast--turkey, hash browns, bacon, corn, sweet potatoes, and soda, for crying out loud! I was beginning to think we would get breakfast for dinner! (We didn't)
After we had eaten, the lowriders had a little treat for us--they gave us a car show parade through the serving area, coming in one gate and going out another. The front car sounded a siren--like an old-fashioned police siren--, and the cars drove slowly by as we watched behind the fence separating the dining area from the tent area, where we stand in line for meals. All were classics, most really only needed a new paint job, and a few had those metal visors over the windshields. One car was a "bouncer", but only did a tiny bounce; another did the side-to-side shake, but again, probably because there wasn't much room, did only a tiny shake. We applauded, appreciative of the show they put on for us. Really nice cars.
Later I caught up with my two former roomies, and got their new phone numbers. I was going to do some badly needed mending of my backpack, but fell asleep while reading a book and never got around to it. Oh, well. Hope your Thanksgiving was great!

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Re: How was Your Thanksgiving?

Post by ktulu » Mon Nov 27, 2017 12:38 pm

Sounds like you were treated to some interesting meal choices, but at least got in a Thanksgiving parade!

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