Acronyms, Codes, and Other Terms

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Acronyms, Codes, and Other Terms

Post by mechurchlady » Wed Jun 13, 2007 6:42 am

This list was originally created by MeChurchLady. Ye Moderators have taken over maintenance, but we still need all of you to send in new acronyms and abbreviations as you hear them in the Parks, Resorts, or in SGT forums.

The "D" and "W" before the entries marks a term as in-use at either Disneyland or Walt Disney World -- guess which is which! Because the moderator doing most of the editing works at WDW, I hope that Disneylanders will help me out with this part.

Because the original post was so large, it has been broken up into separate posts for each letter of the alphabet, plus one for numeric codes. Please don't blame the listed posters for what follows. I'll try to clean it all up later.

Please post updates, corrections, and confirmation of which codes are actually in use at each resort to this thread, and I'll put in the updates as time permits.


Churchy also says:

This list is to be used at this site only. I worked on this list so that it could be published here. Please do not publish it elsewhere.

I have tried to make sure the list is accurate but at times things can get muddled. 10-100 is a classic example of how one term can mean many things. This list is meant to help people understand what is being said at SGT.

darph nader
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Acronyms, Codes, and Other Terms -- Numeric

Post by darph nader » Wed Jun 13, 2007 7:35 pm

<Note: Don't blame Darth, I've moved the numeric codes here to make the posts smaller. --Zazu>

10 Codes
This system of codes was started by police in the 1940's because of radio limitations. These codes vary from agency to agency, see for more information.

__W 10-1 = I cannot understand, your signal is poor [Tram breakdown*]
___ 10-2 = I understand you, yup, uh huh, yes [Disabled guest*]
___ 10 -3 = Child that does not meet height requirement*
__W 10-4 = ok or yes
___ 10-5 = What did you say?
Do not talk with your mouth full and stop dripping mayo on the mike.
I heard and understood your last transmission, I just don't care.
__W 10-7 = Bus is out of service, out to lunch [Attraction/Show Down*]
__W 10-8 = back in service [Attraction/Show Up*]
__W 10-9 = repeat that, I did not understand
___ 10-13 = weather conditions
___ 10-14 = need a ride
___ 10-16 = Vehicle Impact (also JP piggyback)*
__W 10-20 = Location. Can be used as a question.
___ 10-21 = Call on phone / landline ( 21 me at mummy control)*
___ 10-22 = never mind, disregard last messge, oops
___ 10-23 = stand by, wait
___ 10-26 = I also copy (used mainly if multiple people will be acknowledging one person's call)
___ 10-30 = Against policy [Drunk guest*]
___ 10-36 = Current time as in give me a 10-36
__W 10-45 = Call me
__W 10-51 = En Route to
___ 10-52 = Estimated Time of Arrival (can be used as a question)
__W 10-54 = Negative (sometimes abbreviated "54")
__W 10-56 = Meet me at
___ 10-65 = Irate guest*
___ 10-70 = Attraction/Show closed for evening*
___ 10-80 = Attraction/Show open in morning*
__W 10-81 = CM is on break or lunch
___ 10-82 = Guest of excessive size*
___ 10-87 = Meet me, go here
___ 10-96 = go to another channel
D_ 10-99 = Unruly or out-of-control guest [At lunch*]
___ 10-100 = Radio Silence / Essential Communications only/keep you
hands off the radio unless the bus is burning/Emergency
___ 11-1 = Cycle evacuation (rides)*
___ 11-2 = Ride or Auditorium evac*
___ Voluntary 11-3 = Voluntary waiting area evac
___ 11-3 = Full facility evac, ride and queue

Other Number Codes
___ F-31 = Moble emergency response team*
___ 51 = fire department*
___ 94 = security*
___ 95 = sheriff dept*
D_ 100 = Delayed opening
DW 101 = Attraction is down
DW 102 - Ride is working (at DL, working at full capacity)
_W 103 = Bathroom Break ~ Originally only used at Kilamanjaro Safari
D_ 104 = Ride back up from a 101
_W 104 = Wheelchair
D_ 105 = Reduced capacity
D_ 106 = Full capacity
D_ 107 = Ride is cleared of guests for the day or closed for the day
D_ 108 = Attraction is open for first time that day
___ 211 = robbery*
___ 401 = suicide*
___ 415 = fight (verbal or physical)*
___ 417 = Person with weapon*
D_ 902 = Traffic Accident
D_ 904 = Fire

WDW Signal Codes
_W Signal 4 = Accident
_W Signal 8 = Guest out of vehicle/missing guest
_W Signal 11 = Abandoned vehicle
_W Signal 16 = Road Obstruction
_W Signal 17 = Police contact
_W Signal 22 = Disturbance
_W Signal 23 = Theft?
_W Signal 25 = Fire
_W Signal 27 = Traffic light problems
_W Signal 32 = Hitchiker/pedestrian
_W Signal 50 = Motorist Assist
_W Signal 70 = Lost child
_W Signal 72 = Full Bus (AKA Sardine Can)
_W Signal 74 = SG in a wheelchair/scooter who refuses a lap belt
_W Signal 75 = Stroller Incident
_W Signal 78 = Management assist
_W Signal 80 = Lost item
DW Signal 96-S = Snakes on a Monorail
_W Signal V = Protein Spill (Vomit)

Other Codes
___ Code 3 = clogged toilet*
___ Code 4 = situation clear*
___ Code 6 = vomit *
___ Code C = Chlorine Alarm*
___ Code E = Earthquake*
___ Code G = Gas Leak*
DW Code H = Horse manure on main street. Human manure is another
definition. (What?)
___ Code M = Methane alarm*
___ Code P = Power outage*
D_ Code U = Urine
D_ Code V = Vomit (WDW uses "protein spill" or Signal V, see above)

___ Code Blue = Guest or Employee Injury or Illness*
___ Code Blue, Minor = feels dizzy, scrape knees, etc*
___ Code Blue, Major = fainting, seizure, broken limb etc.*
___ Code Red = Fire or fire alarm*
___ Code Yellow = Bomb threat*

_W 20k = 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Former attraction at the MK

D = Disneyland Resort
W = Walt Disney World
* = Universal

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Acronyms, Codes, and Other Terms - A

Post by hobie16 » Wed Jun 13, 2007 8:48 pm

<Note: Don't blame the listed poster, I've moved some of the acronym list here to make the posts smaller. --Zazu>

_W AA = The American Adventure ~ Epcot
DW AA = Audio-Animatronics
_W AB = Alligator Bayou ~ WDW Port Orleans
_W AC = The Adventurers Club ~ WDW PI
_W ADH = Atlantic Dance Hall ~ WDW Boardwalk
_W Ad-Lib = Adventureland/Liberty Square (Ops Dept)
_W ADO = Authorized day off ~ Refers to CM days off
_W ADR = Advance Dining Reservations (obsolete, now AR)
__ ADVL = Adventureland
_W AE = The ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter
_W AGV = Autonomous Guided Vehicle ~ WDW ToT elevator car
__ AI = Advanced Internship
__ AIO = All In One Passes (obsolete)
_W AK = Disney's Animal Kingdom
_W AKL = Animal Kingdom Lodge
_W Alpha Unit = Ambulance/Paramedics
DW AP = Annual Pass
_W AP or APT= Artist Point Restaurant
DW APer = Annual Passholder
_W AS = Disney's All-Star Resorts
_W ASM = Disney's All-Star Music Resort (obsolete)
_W AS Mu or ASMU = Disney's All-Star Music Resort
_W AS Mo = Disney's All-Star Movies Resort
_W AS Sp = Disney's All Star Sports Resort
_W ASMV = Disney's All-Star Movies Resort
__ ATATS Plaza = American Theater and Television Stars Plaza
__ ATLE = Atlantis : The Lost Empire
_W ATS = Automated Ticketing System

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Acronyms, Codes, and Other Terms - B

Post by mechurchlady » Wed Jun 13, 2007 9:16 pm

Don't blame the original poster, this thread has been taken over by the Acronym List. --Zazu


___ B&B = Beauty and the Beast ~ Anything related to Beauty & the Beast.
_W B&C = Beaches and Cream ~ WDW dining at a resort
___ BatB = Beauty and the Beast
_W BB = Blizzard Beach
_W BBB = Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique
D_ BBBH = Bear in the Big Blue House ~ DCA show
_W BC = Beach Club Resort
_W BC = Beaches and Cream ~ WDW dining at a resort
_W BCV = Beach Club Villas
_W Bear Country = Country Bear Jamboree
D_ BitBBH = Bear in the Blue House ~ DCA show
D_ BLAB = Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters
_W BLT = Backlot Tour at DHS
_W Booth= WDW Bus dispatcher's location
DW BTM = Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
DW Bump = changing from job to job throughout the rotation of a ride
_W Buzz = Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin
_W BVD = Buena Vista Drive = WDW road
__ BVD = Boxers or Briefs?
_W BW = Body Wars
_W BW = Disney's BoardWalk ~ WDW shopping, hotel and shows area
_W BWI = Disney's BoardWalk Inn (non-DVC section)
_W BWV = Disney's BoardWalk Villas (DVC section)

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Acronyms, Codes, and Other Terms - C

Post by EmptyCinema » Wed Jun 13, 2007 9:21 pm


D_ C33 = Club 33 ~ DLR Dining
D_ CA = California Adventure
D_ CA = Disney's California Adventure
_W CastABLE = WDW Diversity Resource Group
D_ CaP = Candlelight Procession
__ CB = Character Breakfast
_W CBJ = Country Bear Jamboree
_W CBR = Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort
D_ CC = Critter Country - Disneyland
D_ CC/NO = Critter Country/New Orleans Square (Ops Dept)
__ CD = Character Dinner
__ CDC = Career Development Center
__ CDC = Cast Deployment Center
_W CDS = Cast Deployment System
__ CdS = Cirque du Soleil ~ WDW DownTown show
__ CEA = Casting Employment Assistant
_W CG = California Grill Restaurant - Contemporary Resort
__ CH = Custodial Host ~ Janitor
_W CHH = Columbia Harbour House - Quick Service at MK
_W Cindy or Cindy's = Cinderella's Royal Table ~ WDW dining
_W Cirque = Cirque du Soleil ~ DTD show
__ Clear = The ride is ready to start.
_W CM = Cast Member ~ DCL this means Crew Member
__ CM's = Chef Mickey's ~ WDW Contemporary Resort dining
_W CO = Contemporary Resort
__ Cont = Contemporary Resort
DW CoP = Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress
DW Costume = Disney terminology meaning uniform
_W CP = Candlelight Processional
_W CP = College Program
_W CP = Crystal Palace - Dining at MK
__ CR = Campus Rep
__ CR = College Recruiting
_W CR = Casual Regular is a part-time cast member.
__ CRAB = Cast Records and Benefits
__ C-Rays = Cosmic Ray's ~ WDW dining
__ CRO = Central Reservations Office ~ obsolete, now DRC
_W CRT = Cinderella's Royal Table - Character dining at MK
__ CS = Casual Service ~ Dining that does not have waiters usually. Walk up window service
_W CS = Disney's Coronado Springs Resort
_W CSR = Disney's Coronado Springs Resort
_W CT = Casual Temporary is a seasonal CM
_W CTX -= Countdown to Extinction ~ New name is Dinosaur
_W CW = Comedy Warehouse ~ Pleasure Island

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Acronyms, Codes, and Other Terms -- D

Post by mechurchlady » Wed Jun 13, 2007 9:25 pm

<Don't blame the original poster, this thread has been hijacked by the Acronym list. --Zazu>


__ D = Dear or any adjective starting with the letter D ~ Internet shorthand used in DH, DSIL, DDIL, DM, DF, DS, DGS, DGM, DGP, DD, etc. Each of those acronyms refer to someone related to the person speaking such as "My DSIL married my DD last month" means "My son-in-law married my daughter last month".
_W DACS = The Digital Animation Control System
_W DAK = Disney's Animal Kingdom
_W DAK Lodge = Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge
__ DC = Disney Club
D_ DCA = Disney's California Adventure
DW_ DCL = Disney Cruise Lines
__ DCR = Davy Crockett Ranch ~ DLP equivalent to Fort Wilderness
DW DD = Downtown Disney
DW DD = Disney Dollars
_W DDE = Disney Dining Experience ~ renamed in 2008, now TIW
_W DDM = Downtown Disney Marketplace
_W DDP = Disney Dining Plan
_W DHS = Disney's Hollywood Studios
_W DI = Discovery Island ~ This was an animal park in Seven Seas Lagoon that closed about 1998. The name now applies to an area inside DAK.
_W DI = Disney Institute ~ Defunct resort
_W Diesel = Radio call for bus mechanic
_W DiVERSitY = Respect Appreciated Value Everyone
D_ DL = Disneyland
D_ DLH= Disneyland Hotel
D_ DLP = Disneyland Pacific Hotel
D_ DLR = Disneyland Resort which includes DL, DCA, Downtown Disney and the hotels.
_W DME = Disney's Magical Express
_W D-MGM = Disney-MGM Studios, now Disney's Hollywood Studios
_W DO = Dolphin Hotel
D_ DOS = Deviation of shift
_W DOT= Dept of Transportation ~ US Federal agency
_W DQ = DisneyQuest
__ DREAM = Disney Resort Experiences Are Magical
_W DRC = Disney Reservation Center
__ DSA = Disney's Special Activiites
__ DTC = Disney Travel Company
DW DTD - Downtown Disney
DW DU - Disney University
_W DV = Disney Village Marketplace, previously Disney Village
_W DVM = Disney Village Marketplace
DW DVC = Disney Vacation Club
__ DW = Walt Disney World Resort
_W DWWS = Disney's Wide World of Sports
_W DxL = Disney's Dixie Landings Resort (retired)


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Acronyms, Codes, and Other Terms - E

Post by Shorty82 » Wed Jun 13, 2007 10:02 pm

<Don't blame the original poster, this thread has been taken over by the Acronym list. -Zazu>


__ EA = Casting Employment Assistant
_W EC = Epcot Center
__ EC = Elongated Coin ~ A smooshed penny or other coin from a penny press.
_W ECV = Electric Convenience Vehicle = Electric Scooter = A device used to destroy things, run over people and to empower the user with the right to be a pompous arse and SG.
__ ECS = Entertainment Control System ~ Computer system that runs Epcot's live entertainment.
__ ED = Euro Disney which is now DLP
_W EE = Expedition Everest
_W EE = Early Entry/Surprise Mornings ~ WDW. (Obsolete, now EMH)
__ EEC Ellen's Energy Crisis ~ WDW Epcot
_W EHH = Extra Hours Hotline ~ WDW computer system for CMs to get extra hours of employment on short notice, formerly a telephone hotline
__ El Cap = El Capitan Theatre
_W ELP = Main Street Electrical Parade
_W EMH = Extra Magic Hours
__ EMV = Enhanced Motion Vehicle ~ Rides like Dinosaur and Indy
_W EPCOT - Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow
_W EPIC - Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular!
_W ER = Early Release for a shift by a CM
D_ ER = Expanding Room ~ Mansion at DLR
DW ER = Destination for an Alpha Unit
_W ES= Employee Shuttle ~ WDW bus route
DW E-Stop = Emergency Stop: A call for one, a button to make it happen, or the condition of being "E-Stopped".
__ ET = E-Ticket (Obsolete)
__ ETR = Electronic Time Recording
_W EU = Electric Umbrella ~ Epcot place to eat
_W EWP = Electric Water Pageant

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Re: Acronyms, Codes, and Other Terms - F

Post by ktulu » Wed Jun 13, 2007 10:05 pm


DW F! = Fantasmic!
DW FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions
__ Festival = Festival of the Lion King
_W FF = Flying Fish
_W FF = Fireworks Factory ~ Defunct Pleasure Island Restaurant
__ FF = French Fries ~ Some people eat a burger and FFs.
_W FF = Fantasy Faire ~ WDW MK Shop by Mickey's Philharmagic
D_ FFF = Flik's Fun Fair
_W FITS = Fantasy in the Sky ~ Retired MK fireworks show
_W FIW = Fuel Inspectiun and Wash, WDW busses
DW FL = Florida
_W FNF = Food and Fun Center ~ Former quick service food & arcade at CR
D_ FNSV = Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage
_W Fort = Disney's Fort Wilderness Campground
_W FoTLK = Festival of the Lion King Show
_W FQ = French Quarter, a section of Port Orleans Resort
DW FP = Fastpass
_W FRAP = Florida Resident Annual Pass
DW F/Sky = Fantasyland Skyway ~ Defunct ride
DW FT = full time
__ FTC = Florida Towncar Service
_W FTS = Florida Tourist Sales
_W FtW = Disney's Fort Wilderness Campground
_W FW = Disney's Fort Wilderness Campground
_W FW = Future World ~ Epcot
_W FWC = Fort Wilderness Cabins
_W FWE = Future World East (Epcot Operations)
_W FWH = Disney's Fort Wilderness Homes
_W FWW = Future World West (Epcot Operations)
__ FWS = Future World South
_W FV = Fountain View Espresso and Bakery ~ defunct

Note: This post hijacked for the Acronym list, don't blame the OP.

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Re: Acronyms, Codes, and Other Terms - G

Post by mechurchlady » Wed Jun 13, 2007 10:56 pm

Acronyms - G

_W GAC = Guest Assistance Card ~ WDW for disabled guests and is similar to the DLR SAP
D_ GC = Guest Control
D_ GCH = Grand Californian Hotel
_W GF = Disney's Grand Floridian Resort and Spa Resort
_W GFBR - Disney's Grand Floridian Beach Resort
_W GG = Garden Grille ~ WDW Epcot dining
_W GMR = The Great Movie Ride Attraction
DW GN = Grad Night
_W GoH = Guest of Honor ~ A badge given out during the WDW 25th Anniversery
__ GPRCS = General Purpose Ride Control System
DW GR = Guest Relations
DW GSM = Guest Satisfaction Measurement
DW GSM = Guest Service Manager (first level supervision)
DW GSR = Guest Service Recovery
__ GT = General Teller
DW Grand = Grand Floridian or on west coast it refers to the Grand Californian Hotel
__ Guard = Lifeguard

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Acronyms, Codes, and Other Terms - H

Post by bingie » Wed Jun 13, 2007 11:52 pm


_W H & V = Hollywood and Vine ~ WDW MGM
D_ Hall = City Hall
_W Hall = The Hall of Presidents
_W HDD or HDDR = Hoop De Doo Revue
D_ HH = Haunted Mansion
__ HH = Disney's Hilton Head Resort ~ DVC
DW HH = Host/Hostess ~ a CM, especially one assigned to Ops
_W HISK = Honey, I Shrunk the Kids Playground
DW HISTA = Honey, I Shrunk the Audience
__ HKDL = Hong Kong Disneyland
DW HM = The Haunted Mansion Attraction
_W HM = Hidden Mickey A shape that looks like Mickey Mouse
D_ HMH = Haunted Mansion Holiday
__ HNY = Hotel New York ~ DLP hotel
_W HOB = House of Blues
__ HOLA = promotes Hispanic culture and business
DW Hold = Hold the ride ~ Stop the ride, halt, whoa, no go, etc.
_W HoND = Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame - A Musical Adventure
_W HoP = The Hall of Presidents
_W Hort = Horticulture
__ HSFe = Hotel Santa Fe ~ Hotel at DLP
D_ HUA = Head Up @ss
DW Hub = Circular plaza in front of the castle at DL & MK
DW HUB = New name for Disney's Employee online site aka The Portal
_W Hughes = Heavy duty tow service at WDW, used for dead buses

[Note: Don't blame the original poster, this thread has been hijacked for the acronym list. --Zazu]


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