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Postby Zazu » Wed Jul 12, 2017 3:26 pm

felinefan wrote:I saw on the news this morning that they're doing a re-make of The Lion King, and casting someone else to do Zazu's voice. Couldn't hear the reason why.... What's with the change? Why are they remaking it?

They are remaking films in general because the can be confident of making a certain amount of money from a known property. Hollywood is terrified of new ideas.

I expect that most of the voice actors will be changed for a variety of reasons.
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Re: Official SGT ADD thread

Postby felinefan » Wed Jul 26, 2017 12:50 pm

Earlier I asked if any of the original Mouseketeers are still alive. I found a site that answers that question, as well as any other concerning celebrities. Not surprisingly, it's called . Of the Mouseketeers who were in all four seasons of The Mickey Mouse Club, here's the list:
Jimmy Dodd, dead
Roy Williams, dead
Bobby Burgess, alive
Annette Funicello, dead
Darlene Gillespie, alive
Cubby O'Brien, alive
Karen Pendleton, alive
Doreen Tracy, alive

The site has the full list in a table, giving birth dates, when the individual appeared, death date where applicable, and if they did anything else, or other special notes--like Mickey Rooney Jr. and his brother getting fired after one season for getting into mischief in the Disney paint department, or Paul Petersen--later of The Donna Reed Show-- getting fired for punching a casting director.
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